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Tired of opening the mail and seeing another huge electric bill? Are you looking to protect the environment? These questions are likely why you're searching for solar panels for your Edmonton or Saskatoon home or business. Solarcor will provide you the opportunity to rethink where your energy comes from. We can provide service to virtually anywhere in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

There are no upfront costs. If you qualify for Solarcor Energy’s solar panel SolarLease or SolarFinancing options, you will be able to save right away. We create custom designs for your home, farm or business and you can expect the installation process to be quick and professional.

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Are you looking to protect the environment.


Tap Into Renewable Energy

Western Canada has the best solar resource potential in the country and Solarcor PV (solar) systems earn a great return over the lifetime of the equipment. Protect yourself against more expensive electricity with a Solarcor solar installation.

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