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Edmonton & Saskatoon
Solar Power

Tired of opening the mail and seeing another huge electric bill? Are you looking to protect the environment? These questions are likely why you're searching for solar panels for your Edmonton or Saskatoon home or business. Solarcor will provide you the opportunity to rethink where your energy comes from. We can provide service to virtually anywhere in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We create custom designs for your home, farm or business and you can expect the installation process to be quick and professional.

It finally makes sense! There has never been a better time to switch to renewable energy, and solar is a fraction of the price it once was. This is your opportunity to act now by getting a free Solarcor customized solar quote and consultation.

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The average home in Alberta or Saskatchewan will save approximately 125 metric tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere over 20-30 years. That's something like over half a million kilometers driven, 6 football fields worth of trees, or 100,000 lbs of burned coal.

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Our 24/7 home solar monitoring solution can let you know what you're producing at any time, from anywhere, and will even let you know if there's a problem. We are passionate about our residential solar power, but we will only go out of our way to recommend what makes financial sense for you.

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Rooftop solar power finally makes financial sense! You can produce all the electricity you need with our simplified and repeatable solar designs. No batteries! Stay connected to the grid and get valuable credits for any extra power you produce for cloudy days or the winter months.

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Save Money & Protect
The Environment

There are so many benefits to installing solar panels on your home, business, school, farm, or special project in and around Edmonton, Saskatoon, and the many other cities we service in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

If you didn't already know, you can save big on your energy bill by switching to solar panels. You will notice huge savings during the summer months and get credits toward any energy that you use during the winter months with what is called Net Metering. If your system is properly sized, you can expect to use no extra power from the electrical grid over the course of a whole year.

Not only will you save money but you will also protect the environment. It is no secret that solar panels help protect our air as they use light to produce energy for your home or business instead of the overwhelming amount of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere with traditional energy sources. Solar power is the cleanest form of energy.

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90% of Alberta's electricity comes from CO2 emitting sources and the majority of new generation is natural gas coming from around the oil sands instead of renewable resources.

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Tap Into Renewable Energy

Western Canada has the best solar resource potential in the country and Solarcor PV (solar) systems earn a great return over the lifetime of the equipment. Protect yourself against more expensive electricity with a Solarcor solar installation.

We pride ourselves on using local sales people, electricians, and contractors with the best available equipment.

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