Larger Rooftop Projects

Collection of some shots we’ve taken of our largest projects over the past few years, these projects were among the most enjoyable to design and plan, and they were very satisfying to build. The Town of Biggar’s Jubilee Stadium is Solarcor Energy’s most recent installation.

Gallery of +20kW R-Series Installations:

55kW – Biggar Arena
55kW – Biggar Arena (Full Array)
30kW – South East Saskatchewan
25kW – Biggar Town Hall

Larger Ground Mounted Projects

Collection of a few shots of our previous Ground Mount installations. We have installed on a variety of ground types with different racking styles. Screw piles are the preferred anchor for a level array but we have also put down blocks on a grade to even out rocky ground.

Gallery of +13kW G-Series Rural Projects

19kW G-Series (Partial) North Central Saskatchewan
19kW – North Central Saskatchewan
19kW – North Central Saskatchewan
21kW – South West Saskatchewan
15kW – Central West Saskatchewan
25kW – Saskatoon Area, Saskatchewan
26kW – South West Saskatchewan
26kW – South West Saskatchewan

Notable & Smaller Residential

Collection of our most presentable images of our smaller residential installations starting with projects which came with some additional challenges. Typically residential projects come with unique obstacles but on occasion we have installations we can physically install in a single day.

Notable R-Series Residential Projects

9.4kW – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (High Angle, Multiple Roofs)
5.4kW – Regina, Saskatchewan (Metal Roof Tiles)
5.8kW – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Limited Space, Multiple Roof Surfaces)

3-7kW R-Series Residential Projects

5.2kW – Central Alberta (Metal Roof)
3.6kW – Central East Saskatchewan
4.3kW – South Central Saskatchewan (Multiple Roofs)
4.8kW – Regina, Saskatchewan

Average Residential Projects

Collection of images of both G-Series and R-Series installations representing the average range for residential installations. These installations on this page stretch from Grande Prairie, Alberta to Regina, Saskatchewan.

R-Series Urban Residential

8kW – Northern Alberta
8kW – Northern Alberta (Reverse Side)
15kW – North West Saskatchewan
13kW – Regina Area, Saskatchewan

G-Series Rural Residential

6.7kW – Central West Saskatchewan
12kW – Saskatoon Area, Saskatchewan
8.5kW – Central East Saskatchewan
7.7kW – Central East Saskatchewan
11kW – North Central Saskatchewan