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Grande Prairie Solar Panels

We make it easy to install solar panels in North-Western Alberta. You probably already know the benefits of solar energy and that’s why you’re shopping for solar panels for your Grande Prairie home or business. Along with protecting the environment you’ll be saving huge amounts of money on your electric bill. Wouldn’t it be great to pay a fraction of your electrical bill and help the planet at the same time?

Grande Prairie's longest day has a whooping 17:08 hours daylight. The amount of summertime daylight ensures you can build up enough credit with the power companies to get you through the winter during the shorter daylight hours. Net Metering, essentially selling power back to the company in exchange for a credit, along with Alberta's deregulated energy market, makes solar particularly competitive in Grande Prairie.

Grande Prairie Solar Panels



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Thanks to our SolarLease and SolarFinance programs, many home and business owners can now afford to get into solar panels in Grande Prairie. The dream of being self-sustainable is finally financially achievable.

Solarcor provides world-class products and installation by a qualified electrician on solar panels in Grande Prairie. We are confident in our products and crews, and we guarantee all of our work. Our systems are also custom built and we design each one to match your needs, house, and location.

Getting started with a solar system is an exciting and rewarding experience. Call us today to see if you qualify.

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