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How it works

how solar panels work

Your system

Rooftop solar power finally makes financial sense! You can produce all the electricity you need with our simplified and repeatable solar designs.

Grid-tied solar

No batteries! Stay connected to the grid and get valuable credits for any extra power you produce for cloudy days or the winter months.

Install solar before it's too late

Combine solar panels being cheaper than ever, coal plants being decommissioned, carbon taxes being implemented, and renewable energy rebates, it has never been a better time for solar. 

Alberta Power Generation

Saskatchewan Power Generation

What's next?

how does solar energy work

Free quote and consultation

When you fill out our contact form, a team evaluates if solar works for the property with satellite technology and determines a preliminary design and cost estimate to completely offset your electricity usage. Solarcor will provide a quote that lets us design a solar power system to deliver the best long-term value. Our business is built to serve your best interest.

how solar energy works

Sign your agreement

With one customized quote, we send our customers their first step towards environmental responsibility, financial gain, and energy independence. Once your agreement is signed, our team assembles to take care of all the arrangements needed to make your solar power vision a reality. Our business is focused on you, and you can see the Solarcor difference in every employee.

Solar system design

Detailed system design

We prepare all the necessary permits while we work on your customized design and our operational experts prepare a plan to install your system in the shortest time possible. After this key step, we pass on the details to our install team. Let us show you how we can help today.

solar power how it works

1-2 day installation

Our crews arrive with a plan to minimize or eliminate disruptions to your routine. Most installs are completed in a single day, but more complex projects may take more time.

how solar energy works

Start using solar power

This is where you start saving money every time you turn on a light. Whether you chose to invest in a system of your own or a Solarcor $0 option, you can be sure that you made a great decision in choosing Solarcor as your solar power provider.

Change the way you use power with solar panels in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
See how much you can save and if you qualify for our $0 options.

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