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home solar power

Reduce your monthly bills

  1. Residential solar is a great investment - it has an impressive rate of return if you buy and own your own system
  2. Start with $0 - save money immediately with leasing options for home solar power and we install it for you at no upfront cost

Why Solarcor

Solar monitoring

Our 24/7 home solar monitoring solution can let you know what you're producing at any time, from anywhere, and will even let you know if there's a problem.

We are passionate about our residential solar power, but we will only go out of our way to recommend what makes financial sense for you.

Help us change Western Canada - solar panels for your home makes sense for a lot of Canadian's and they don't even know it yet. Contact us if you're curious about residential solar panels for your property.

Simplified designs

Our home solar system will be the lowest cost option available to you to date with our simplified and repeatable design. We can instead focus on customer service and making sure everything is tailored to suit your best interests.

See if solar is right for you

solar panels for home

Canadian Solar

With the ability to provide solar panels for homes in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, Solarcor is dedicated to offering Canadians a level of support not yet seen in Western Canada. Not in one of these zones? Contact us to see if we can help you save significant amounts of money on your electric bills with solar power for your home.

Where we work

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Solar panels for home

Next steps

1. Free customized solar quote and consultation
2. Sign your agreement
3. Detailed system design
4. 1-2 day installation
5. Start using solar power on your home

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Worried? Don't be.

Solarcor's experienced staff will guide you towards making the right decisions for residential solar systems. Solar is going to be a large part of the climate solution, but we will never recommend something that we wouldn't do to our own homes. You can trust in Solarcor every step of the way.

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solar power for home

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