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Power your home

Solar Panels In Regina

Are you looking to cut your reliance on coal and natural gas facilities and become more sustainable? Imagine paying a fraction of your SaskPower electrical bill forever. It’s possible by having solar panels installed on your Regina home or business.

Living in Regina gives you an edge already. Regina averages approximately 2318 hours of sunshine per year, ranking it 4th in Canada. This is perfect for solar panels. In fact, it’s so much sunshine the power company will be crediting you towards your winter usage.


With Net Metering you’ll be able to save big in the summer and use credits you’ve built up in the winter.

You won’t just be saving money on your electric bill but you will be contributing to more sustainable living and a healthier planet. Solar technology has come such a long way in the last few years that the once energy hungry production of solar panels has significantly reduced, resulting in only 1 year to pay your energy debt using a solar panel.

Lighting, appliances, and heating your home no longer requires pumping CO2 into the atmosphere. Solar power is absolutely the cleanest form of energy. The best part about solar panels is that it uses a renewable resource that will never run out, sunshine.

We have SolarLease or SolarFinancing options to help with the initial investment. All of our installs are professional, timely, and can be custom designed to suit your home or business needs. Our work is guaranteed, so we can help with anything that needs to be replaced or add more panels down the road, if you’d like to do a little bit at time.

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