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Power your home

Moose Jaw solar panels

Are you looking to reduce your reliance on others or be a little more socially and environmentally responsible? Setting up solar panels in Moose Jaw is a perfect way to live a more sustainable lifestyle. It also is a very wise investment in your future.

Imagine not having to pay a large utility bill every month. Imagine the utility company actually ending up paying you instead. It’s possible and completely within your reach.

Moose Jaw is a great place to invest in a solar system. Many people think that colder climates aren’t ideal for solar panels; however, this just simply is not true! Solar panels don’t actually collect heat, they charge based on daylight and sunshine. During the cold dry winters that Moose Jaw experiences, solar panels can still collect a significant charge. And with the longest day of the summer being 16 hours, the long summer days can be perfect for solar collection.

Properly constructed and high quality solar panels can also handle the southern Saskatchewan snow. It can slide off the surface of the solar panel, but if snow removal is required, we strongly recommend you speak with your local Solarcor Energy representative.

If you’re looking to reduce your long term expenses and don’t want to sacrifice your creature comforts or move to a more tropical climate, simply harness the power of the sun. The sun is a completely renewable resource meaning it will never run out. Sunshine is always free!

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