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Power your home

Calgary solar panels

Are you looking to reduce your power bill or get off the grid entirely? You’ve come to the right place. Solarcor provides solar panels to Calgary home and business owners.

Calgary is blessed with that amazing Alberta sunshine, making it an ideal location for solar panels. With daylight hours averaging among the highest in Canada, Solarcor will design and install your new solar panels to collect enough energy to keep you going all year round. If your solar system is properly sized, the summer months will build you credit to use in the winter when the days are shorter.


When shopping for Solar panels in Calgary, you’ll want to ensure professional installation with qualified electricians. Solarcor not only has a network professional installers, but we also guarantee our work.

Building trends today are becoming more and more earth friendly, and with solar panels you’ll be helping the province diversify by choosing a 100% renewable energy source. Sunshine is taking on coal, natural gas and oil. Even hydro-power and wind power take a bit of a toll on wildlife, whereas solar power does not. Today’s new methods for building solar panels are so efficient your energy debt is paid after only 1 year of use!

At Solarcor we provide options to help you get started with solar panels. We offer our SolarLease $0 down leasing option, or you can finance your project with SolarFinance. With Solarcor, your system is custom designed to match your home and your energy needs, this way ensures we can reduce your electric bill by the maximum amount.

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